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  • Fragile1:36
  • All the love I can feel1:01
  • Savage Days1:30
  • Eyes1:01
  • People1:02
  • Love gets me1:08
  • Splashes1:06
  • Tears1:02
  • Complicated World1:11
  • Just a Clown1:00
  • Goes around comes around1:00
  • Peace on Earth1:59

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I have included Peace on Earth on both CD's as to me its an Anthem with an important message.

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  • little man0:59
  • Song For Allegra1:16
  • the rains keep falling1:06
  • Sun1:00
  • River1:19
  • Song for Ippolita1:00
  • The road ahead1:05
  • Señorita1:15
  • Different Eyes1:06
  • Mother 1:06
  • Insomnia1:06
  • Peace on Earth1:59

Alexander Leon